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My father was a double above knee amputee when he died in March 2011. Having been active all his life, he was frustrated by the lack of disabled access to many of the places he chose to visit. Finally, after many hours hard work and lobbying the powers that be, he came upon a system that he felt would work for the majority of people with mobility issues and he called it 4all2c.

I set up this page using his own words to try to encourage service providers to adopt a scheme that will help many thousands of people.

Part 3 of the Disability Discrimination Act became law in October 2004 and requires that service providers must take reasonable steps to overcome barriers to access. Significantly, the Act does not require providers to give details of any improvements they make to accessibility.

In consequence, a disabled person wishing to purchase specific goods must study local advertisements or classified directories and prepare a list of appropriate providers. They must then make precautionary enquiries hoping to find one on the list whose services are accessible to someone suffering from their particular impairment. Such enquiries will be time consuming, potentially embarrassing and may well prove fruitless.

PROPOSED SOLUTION All providers should be required to publish information describing the accessibility of their services in such a manner that a person suffering from one of the impairments included in the Act may determine, without visiting the premises concerned, whether that service is likely to be accessible. Click below for a list of access symbols and their meanings currently recognised world wide.

The aim of the above proposal might be described as ‘For all to See’ or, for brevity, 4all2C.




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